Great Gesture by "RESIDENTS OF OZONE" from BANGALORE... For People of Cuddalore

Great Gesture by "RESIDENTS OF OZONE" from BANGALORE...

Life is not only about earning Money, it is also about living together and helping each other.

Few Good hearted human being like Mrs.Bindhu,Mrs.Manjula,Mrs.Arthi ,Mrs.Roopa,Mrs.Radhica,Mrs.Suvarva,Mrs.Pallavi & Residents of Ozone,White field,Bangalore have extended their help to rehabilitate people who are suffering in Tamilnadu especially in Cuddalore district due to torrential rain and subsequent flood.


Thanks to those good hearted people for sending relief Supplies worth of ₹5,00,000 (fresh Dress materials ,water bottles,groceries,mats,blankets,etc.,)which are the need of the hour..

Special Thanks to Prof.Dhanalakshmi,Dept.Computer science,Annamalai University to connect these right noble people at the right time.

The Bangaloreans collected the materials would reach Chidambaram with in 24 hours . They have already contributed to our Chennai people also.


A Big thanks to all of YOU........ ..

S.Mohan Kumar& T. Sabesan- President, Rotary club of Chidambaram Templetown.